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The Last Gift: A Fairer Tale

by: Lakenda Wallace

· Narcissism,Fairer Tales

This is a Fairer Tale. There is no savior on a white horse. This fable offers the truth we so often ignore--we must save ourselves. But therein lies the beauty. There is nothing sexier than a badass empath with self-respect.

The Last Gift

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to give. She loved to watch people break into open-hearted smiles at receiving unexpected gifts of friendship.

One day, she gave her love to a boy. At first, he returned her love openly and truly. He left her unexpected presents, like sunflowers on her porch after months of rain and musical tours of the world. But slowly, ever so slowly, he began to be less gracious when he received her gifts. And with that, a little of the girl’s heart turned to stone.

Then he began leaving her unkind gifts. Disdainful stares and words that told her she was less than she was. A little more of her heart was turned to stone. One day, he left her gift of a sculpture, supposedly of her, that looked like a small, mangy dog. He was so unkind, that soon the girl’s entire heart turned to stone. Then, she stopped giving him presents all together.

Then, one day he pressed the girl for a present. She tried, but thought she had nothing to give. The boy pressed her for a gift and recriminated her character because she could not give him any gifts.

Finally, the girl said, “Sir, all I can give you is this heart of stone, which you have bestowed on me through years of unkind thoughts, words, and deeds. I do, however, give this gift in love and forgiveness for I truly do not want to carry this around any longer.”

The girl gave him her stone heart and found it was replaced with her own supple heart once more. She left, taking one final look at the boy as he stood with the stone heart in his hands.

She went on her way with her newly supple heart and lived happily ever after.

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